Sunday 6 February 2011

Creating/importing multiple user accounts on Windows servers. Domains or standalone servers.

Part of my day to day job is to manage and deploy cloud infrastructures. One of the probably simple tasks and time consuming is to adding new user accounts into new domains and standalone servers. When we talking about 5 -10 accounts it is easy, but when it comes to 50 and more and creating these on multiple standalone servers it become an issues which I wanted to resolve and make it as simple and possible. I don’t claim to be scripting expert or MS Excel guru. But I made it for myself and it works so I decide to share it with wider auditorium.
Resolution to this problem is incorporates into to one excel spread sheet where you put your details for new users and on another sheet you have readymade code which you simply copy and paste into batch file and run on your servers. It utilizing standard Windows commands and doesn’t required any special software to be installed on the servers.
Used commands:
AD: dsadd user
Local users: “net user” and “net localgroup”
Download file from here:

Please download and try it for yourself, if you find it useful please leave me your comment, or If you made additions and find a way to make it more easy with more features please share it.

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