Wednesday 30 September 2009

Apple Mail and Exhcnage 2007 External website EWS

The following page describes how to configure Exchange 2007 to accept Apple Mail connections via External Website

In order to provide access for Apple mail EWS virtual directory required to be on External website. Obviously Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 6 and above should be applied before proceeding

1. Create new EWS virtual directory in External website
Open “Exchange Management Shell” and verify if EWS already created for External website by issuing command


If EWS already exist then try to recreate it or check if folder EWS/Exchange.asmx accessible via external URL “”

To create EWS directory issue the following command in EMShell

New-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "External" -ExternalUrl

Verify that directory created by issuing


2. Adjust authentication permissions in IIS for EWS folder to “Basic Authentication”

Setup Apple Mail and try to connect. All should be working.

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